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Slo Concept - skatepark projects and sports facilities

The Slo Concept brand has been operating on the Polish and European market since 2012. We have made about 900 concepts of skateparks and sports facilities. Our team are specialists with many years of experience in this field. Slo Concept design office performs projects of skateparks, pumptracks, wakeparks, waveparks, flowparks and multi-element, extended investments. We introduce bold and innovative solutions to the Polish market. Slo Concept is a design office for modern and professional facilities.

In such specific investments, attention to every detail is important, supported by knowledge not only of technical but also of gravity sports. Only such a combination makes it possible to carry out professional realisations tailored to the real expectations of the investor and users. This is why we provide advice and expertise to prepare concepts that are tailored to the surroundings and conditions. We are guided by the latest trends in the design of sports and leisure facilities.

The Slo Concept brand is part of the Techramps Group. Our group brings together brands specialising in the comprehensive development of sports and leisure facilities. Together, we carry out facilities from conception, design, production and installation. Each team has a separate specialisation. Close cooperation between the brands results in a rapid flow of knowledge, mutual complementarity and the possibility of rapid development of all elements of the group.

more than 900 concepts prepared